Celebrities love It-Dogs!

Diamond the chihuahua of Paris Hilton wears our dress
Diamond is wearing a total look It-Dogs
        thanks Paris Hilton for the video!
Thanks Paris Hilton for the video
Diamond the chihuahua of Paris Hilton wears our sweater 

                                       Diamond Baby

        the adorable mini chihuahua of  the beautiful  Paris Hilton

                                     is wearing our sweater

                       Chunky the adorable frenchie of

                     the famous model Ashley Moore

     carried by Giza Lagarce loves our Cocoon Bag&Bed

Photo courtesy of our Beverly Hills retailer boutique

The model and tv personality Guendalina Canessa loves our City Chic Bag

Photo courtesy Chihuahua Boutique Roma
                                  The beautiful Sonia Sarno
journalist and anchorwoman of Tg1 of RaiUno Italian Television
                chose for her lovely Annina our Couture dress

                     The adorable Chanel of Camilla Mangiapelo

                      of the italian tv show Uomini&Donne Canale 5

                                       loves our Couture Dress

Chanel the chihuhuahua of the model and tv personality
                               Guendalina Tavassi
                        in It-Dogs Couture Dress
   Arlo the lovely rescued yorkie of the Hollywood actors
                 Kyle Dean Massey & Taylor Frey                                           is wearing our shirt at a charity event

The beautiful  showgirl Mercedesz Henger 

chose for her lovely Shakira our City Chic Bag