The It Party

Porto San Rocco june 2013



                 IT-DOGS Sweet Party

                    Milano december 2013


 1 Year Party!

     may 2014


Divinamente Fashion Runway
          Udine 19.09.2014

            Christmas 2014 party

Trieste-Grignano december 2014


         Zoomark 2015

Bologna fiere may 2015

      2 Years Party!

          may 2015

          Hankyu Osaka Dog Event

Hankyu Luxury department store

       Osaka Japan february 2016

Paws in the City Weekend
         New York City
          20-22th may 2016

                                                                                                      Interzoo 2016 

Nurember Germany 26-29th may 2016

                                            Puppy Prom 2016
         19th june 2016 Manhattan New York City NYC
                         Rock The Runway
       8th annual fashion show and fundraiser 
                 Radisson Hotel Hauppage
                    Long Island New York
                                 4th june 2017

         Asia Pet Fair 

Shanghai  21-25th august 2019