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about us

It-Dogs was born with the idea to bring the couture world on the pet's universe offering a new product entirely hand made in Italy in our italian fashion atelier located near Venice, a sophisticated line in every little details that offer you fashion accessories and clothes for little and medium sizes dogs.
In fact our name recall the glamour and couture environment represented by the famous
it-girls, those fashionable girls who posses the quality known as IT ...
photographed, praised, copied, glorified by designer and professional who recognize in them that "something" that elects to style icons.Our line is made to dress up all those little dogs who want to feel special with high-end garments.
It means also Italy our country recognized from all world as best for tailoring,fashion and luxury as our production.
Luxury fabrics,precious wool and cashmere yarn,faux leather are processed only by skilful craftsmen that transmit all their experience and professionalism typical of the made in Italy.
Once the clothes are ready they get embellished with fine decorative motifs and a coordinated set of accessories.In addition to the main collection divided into two seasons spring/summer and autumn/winter and a resort collection, the company also offers apparel and accessories made in limited edition... upon request we will also be able to customize each piece to make it unique.
Who is the hottest dog in town?Ready to dress up and become "IT" dogs?
The collection is dedicated to our Coco and Speedy for the love that they give us unconditionally.
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